"I’ve had low energy levels and wasn’t able to sleep and with just 2 sessions done I’m feeling back to normal." Anna

In these extraordinary times we are living now, it’s almost normal to feel stressed. Tight shoulders and neck, back pain, headaches and migraines, insomnia and digestive problems can all occur when we feel stressed out. On the emotional side, anxiety, panic attacks, low mood, as well as overly aggressive and explosive behavior, is a way for the body system to signal nervous system overload.

One way of discharging all this stored up energy is to simply relax. There is an inbuilt mechanism in our body that processes and releases stored memories and fears by deeply relaxing. And yet relaxation is the hardest state to reach when you feel very stressed. Craniosacral Therapy is a way that we can come to a place of deep relaxation by bypassing our worried mind and allowing the body to do the work. The nervous system will start to release overloaded energy naturally on its own and rebalance itself often quickly.