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Whiplash Neck Pain


Whiplash is the name giwhiplashven to a particular form of neck injury that is quite often, but not always, associated with Road Traffic Accidents or RTA's as they tend to be called. It can occur anytime the head is shot backward then forward again, in the action of a whip being cracked, hence the name.

The muscles of the neck are strained, and sometimes the vertabrae are dislocated, resulting in pain and dysfunction. It's not unusual for other parts of the back to be affected. The car, being hit from behind, propells the seat-back into the occupants back, forcing the normal backwards curve of the spine in the centre of the back to straighten, forcing the opposite curves to the neck and lower back to straighten also.

Unless the vertabrae are realigned and the tension taken out of the muscles and other soft tissue, whiplash injuries can keep reappearing as unexplained neck and back pain for years, possibly decades until recognised for what they are and treated accordingly.


Craniosacral therapy can resolve these injuries safely and gently. If you would like to talk to me further please call John on M: 0861089860