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 My baby has reflux, it became very upsetting for him from the age of 7 weeks, we tried different formulas as well as gaviscon which were ineffective and had other side effects. John had come highly recommended to me to help reflux  by another mother and nurse. I will admit I was skeptical but my husband and those close to us could not believe the change in our little baby after his session with John, while the reflux did not disappear, he was so comfortable and much happier, we were delighted to have more smiley time back with him. As a family we got to get out more often with him and this became alot less stressful. Craniosacral therapy with John definitely helped our baby and us as a family and if we were fortunate to have another baby I would be taking the baby to John alot earlier reflux or no reflux, I liked also that John felt one session was enough for our baby so we did not feel ripped off that he wanted to keep bringing us back and he really interacted so well with him.   

My name is Eileen, I am a housewife, my age is 68.

For more than three years I have suffered intense pain all the way down the outside of my right leg and out my toes. I have had all kinds of medication for pain relief, I have been hospitalised, had physiotherapy several times and acupuncture, all to no avail. When I lay down in bed, it was actually unbearable. I was told the pain was from my sciatic nerve. Then two months ago my daughter recommended I should consider having craniosacral therapy, which she had heard of from a friend of hers. It has really made a huge difference to me. I can now go walking again and have a good night’s sleep. I would like to thank John for giving me back my life.



When I was five weeks pregnant things started to go seriously wrong. I was admitted to hospital with a suspected ectopic, but it turned out that the “baby” was stuck in the tube. After lots of drugs and treatment later, the baby made it all the way to the womb and all was good..... for about one week, then the vomiting started.

I lived in hospital until I was twenty-eight weeks pregnant, living off a drip as I couldn't even keep water down. At twenty-eight weeks they were able to give me a drug to stop the vomiting, so I was able to leave hospital.

I had terrible SPD and back pain from around twelve weeks, and at thirty weeks my left hip dislocated, and I spent the following ten weeks on crutches. I had a difficult labour and ended up with a C-section.

For two years afterwards I had very bad pain in my hips and back. I tried it all... and had physio twice a week, but it gave little relief. I couldn't go for a walk with my baby. Lifting my baby made me grit my teeth. I wasn't enjoying life.

I came across John's website while looking for any solution. After the first appointment I had relief. I am like a different person since. I no longer have to avoid lifting my child, and my life is good again. I'm even back exercising.

All I can say is I haven't looked back.