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acid-reflux-and-gerd-in-babies Reflux is often associated with babies, but adults too, can suffer from that rush up the throat of stomach acid and partly digested food. Many of those who experience heartburn will, at some stage, feel the burning in the oesophagus, and if it happens while sleeping, in the trachea also as the acid finds it's way towards the lungs.

The stomach has a lining that is constantly being replaced that prevents the dilute hydrochloric acid from burning it's way through. But the oesophagus and the trachea do not and can suffer from scarring if the problem goes unresolved and/or happens regularly.

In both babies and adults the cause is much the same. The nerves that supply the stomach, particularly the vagus nerve, are squeezed or impinged in some way. In babies, the birthing process can often result in the head being hyper extended, i.e. being tilted too far back. Sometimes this can result in the joint between the head and the first vertebra being locked putting the surrounding tissue into spasm, and in the process, squeezing the vagus nerve. This can occur even in c-section deliveries.reflux

Adults can experience a similar effect if the head is shot backwards as in a violent tackle from behind in sport or being rear-ended in a car accident, or indeed a nasty fall.

The solution lies in finding where the tissue is in spasm and helping the body to gently release it. With babies this can mostly be accomplished in one or two sessions. With adults, depending on the severity and the length of time the problem has been present, it can take several sessions to resolve.