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Is Your Back a Pain in the Neck?

Neck Pain - Craniosacral therapyCraniosacral Therapy looks at how the seat of pain is not always the cause.
Back pain is probably the most common reason for absenteeism from work. It affects most people at some time or another as a result of strain or accident, but when it occurs regularly, for no apparent reason, it can be annoying to say the least, and is often incapacitating for days or weeks at a time. And it is not only men who suffer, though they are in the majority. If it isn’t severe enough to warrant a visit to the doctor, most people treat it with pain killers or anti inflamatory drugs, and rest. This course of treatment is most likely what the doctor would prescribe in most instances anyway, though physiotherapy may also be advised.

Of course there can be obvious reasons for an aching back, such as a fall or lifting something too heavy, but often the onset happens when something innocuous is being done such as getting out of the car; turning round to talk to someone or bending down to pick up something. Mostly, that is not when the damage is done. It can have happened months, years and in some cases decades previously. What seems to happen when body tissue is damaged is that it goes into tension, or splints, in an effort to prevent further damage. As healing takes place that tension releases, the soreness and pain goes away and we forget about it. Except sometimes not all of the tension is released. There remains an underlying tenseness which may be only slight, causing no problem until the normal range of movement is exceeded to a certain degree. When that happens, that particular piece of tissue splints, or goes into spasm again.

It is this underlying tension that accounts for unexplained recurrent pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Quite often the cause is put down to “wear and tear,” arthritis or degeneration of the bone. These conditions may be present but they are usually accompanied by tension in the deep connective tissue which, when released, results in a marked improvement or cessation of the symptoms. I say symptoms because experience has shown that if tension has been present over a number of years there will also be other conditions such as constipation, IBS and sciatica and many more ailments, the reason for which cannot readily be explained.

The big question is how to deal with this underlying tension. There are probably many techniques that will help to a greater or lesser degree but Craniosacral Therapy is the only hands-on process that I know of that locates areas of tension and helps your body release them in a non invasive and painless way.