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Case Histories

Siobhan presented with back and head pain, and was lacking energy. She was the mother of two young children. The pain started after the first was born, and the tiredness came on about the time her marriage broke up, some four years prior to her visit to me.

On examination, I found her lower back and sacroiliac joints very restricted. The joint where her head connects to her neck was locked, and her cranial bones and membranes very tight.

Over the next four sessions we worked through the emotional tension caused by her failed marriage and the physical effect of child birth and strained pelvic floor muscles. By that time she had no pain and her energy levels were back to normal.


Sandra came to me with persistent headaches which she had “ for ever”, and lower back pain which was more recent. She was a girl in her early thirties who loved to play football. While taking her medical history I found that she had suffered from menningitis at the age of eleven, from which she made a full recovery. Menningitis is severe inflamation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord, and can leave them in a very tight condition. She had also been involved in a motor accident where she had been rear-ended a few months previously.

By working with the cranial bones I was able to gently traction the membranes, encouraging them to let go of the abnormal tension caused by the menningitis. On the second session we were able to release the tension from the lower back brought on by the car accident. After just two sessions Sandra was, and remains completely free of symptoms.


Oliver came to see me to try to resolve his vertigo. This condition affects the inner ear and can cause nausiating dizzyness and balance problems. He had also been getting head, neck and back pain since losing some close family in separate accidents within a short space of time some years previously. By working with the cranial bones and the muscles of the neck we were able to clear up the vertigo in the first session. The remaining two sessions were spent on the lower back and pelvis.

Not all problems such as Oliver's resolve quite as quickly, but he has had no further problem with these three years on.