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About Us

Hi, I am John Jennings, founder of the Hayward Clinic in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. I recently have moved my practice near to Timoleague  - Co Cork.

Craniosacral session

I trained with the Upledger Institute Ireland, and keep up-to- date with the latest developments by assisting with the training from time to time. Bandon is where the majority of my craniosacral therapy is carried out. I have been practising here for nine years, and in that time I have seen a wide range of conditions and illneses that have responded well to craniosacral therapy. Most of my work is pain related, though there are other areas such as learning difficulties, sleeping problems and pre and post natal problems which appear quite regularly.  In fact, a great many conditions that do not respond well to other modalities are helped by CST (craniosacral therapy).

At the clinic, the accent is on friendly relaxed service. There is no pummeling, crunching or popping of discs. Instead, we work with the body's innate healing mechanism through a gentle hands-on contact with the craniosacral motion, which can be felt anywhere from head to toe. Clients feel so relaxed that they quite often drop off to sleep, and are reluctant to get off the table at the end of the session.

Many people new to CST are disappointed that nothing much happened during their treatment. This can best be summed up by this statement from the wife of one of my clients:

"Harry came home saying you had done nothing for his rugby injury, but the next morning he could not believe how doing so little could have such a profound effect".

When you have read the information on CST, and you would like further information on how it might help you, please contact me on  or on M: 0861089860